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Cape Town
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Is Cinergy the cheapest?

Probably not, but we believe our budgets are accurate - assuming we have the full brief from you. We've produced many TV commercials with our own directors. We know what can happen between budget sign off and director saying to creatives "would be nice if ..." So we try to build in likely (but not extravagant) "nice ifs." In that way, there's no money surprise, and if there is, hopefully a good one - and (hopefully too) the creative team are happy.

A European producer once called us: "back home after shooting; we didn't give you the job, someone else was cheaper. In the end it cost us more than your budget; your budget included things they didn’t anticipate. At the last minute, it was very expensive for them to organise those things.”


We started in 1991 with food and beauty commercials. Then we started doing car commercials. Then performance boards, depending on the speciality of our directors. From 1997 we offered production service. Over the 16 years we've offered production service, we’ve learnt a great deal more, working with companies, directors & DOP's from Argentina, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Norway, Sweden, and UK.

Your working style?

Nothing's a problem. If there is a problem, we solve it. But if we can't solve it (and then we doubt anyone else could either) we offer up an alternative solution. Above all, we like to work in a calm manner. Producing films is not rocket science. For us, its logical progression to the end with politeness along the way.

Are you always busy?

No, because we don't pile them in, and we like to be hands-on. We do of course take on freelance production staff as necessary, but 90% of the time they’ve worked with us before on a number of jobs, and they know our style.


Like every other production company, we have our favourites. We like them because they're good and we know that generally, you'll like them too. Sometimes - as for any other production company - we can’t get our chosen, or your requested crew member. But we know the "ranking" of crew members, and you can rest assured, whoever we propose, will be the best available at that time.


Excellent relationship with every equipment supplier. We’ll get you anything available.

Post production

If you need an on set editor or even want all post done here, we can arrange it, at competitive prices.


Although we're not travel agents, we’ll arrange your accommodation too, at the best price.

After hours

Whatever you want to do, just let us know - a great restaurant, nightclub, jump off a mountain on a paraglider, touch wild animals, go on a sailing trip ... or maybe just some retail therapy.